Monday, January 6, 2014

Movie Review: More Than Honey

The movie's website is
You can also catch it on Netflix
Whether you are just starting beekeeping or have some years keeping bees, don't miss this movie!

The cinematography is amazing! You will be treated to close ups of:

  • A queen bee emerging
  • Worker bees packing pollen and drying honey
  • A queen bee depositing an egg into a cell
  • Queen marking
  • Grafting
  • Varroa mites on comb and bees
The movie will take you to see beekeeping practices around the world. You will see some of the challenges of commercial beekeeping in California. Those include:
  • Spraying
  • Finding acceptable forage for 18,000
  • Splitting 18,000 hives in time to make a crop. This scene in itself is mind-blowing.
  • Harvesting honey
You can also explore another angle of beekeeping in a remote Alpine valley. Beekeeping there is pretty much done the same way it was done 100 ago. You will see an actual working bee house, a queen mating flight and the amazing scenery surrounding the Alpine apiary.

The documentary then takes you to the US Mexico border where you meet the "africanized" bees and a beekeeper that successfully works with them. Finally, you also get a glimpse of the bees before varroa - the Australian honey bees still are free of this pest and the associated viral load.

If watching on Netflix, don't forget to turn your subtitles on! Enjoy!

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