Friday, August 10, 2018

Using Mite Away Quick Strips for late summer

I did not think I will be working bees at all this year, but two swarms adopted me :). As you might expect, they picked the rattiest equipment available where the boxes were falling apart. Once I got their new digs sorted out, it is time to get them ready for winter and do their fall treatment.

Currently, we are having some cool weather, so it is a perfect time to use the Mite Away Quick Strips. I usually aim for the daily high to be below 85F for at least the first 3 days of treatment. The weather forecast promises that it is going to be under 85F for almost the entire treatment cycle.

Getting ready J. I like to open the packages and separate the two parts beforehand because it is difficult with gloves on.

The treatment can certainly clean off the top of the box. Both boxes were the same as far as bees on top, but the bees vacated as soon as I put the treatment on.

The top box has a fresh patty with a little bit of lemongrass in it. I read somewhere that this helps with the queen loss that may happen during treatment. Fingers crossed.

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